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Design Ideas for Wedding Cakes

By Renee Shelton

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Clip as many magazine pictures and leaf through as many cake decorating books for weddings as you desire. Make notations on what you like about each, which ones strike your fancy, and which might look great in a different icing or fondant color. Also, if some have a particular ribbon or candied flower, bring this up at the meeting with the baker to discuss the placements and if it is possible for the baker to recreate the sugar paste flower or if they can be purchased.

Have an invitation that you've picked out and especially love? The scroll work or other element can be incorporated into the design or used as border for a wedding cake.

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Your wedding dress design can be incorporated in the wedding cake piping decor. These are actual samples from weddings. From left: photocopy and enlargement of wedding dress lace, photocopy of antique cross-stitched linen, swatch from sequin beading and design of wedding dress. By using something from you, your wedding cake can be uniquely yours, and will make it a memorable cake not just for you and your groom, but the entire wedding party as well, as the story for the cake design will be the talk of the wedding.

Right is the font "Times Roman" that was used as a template for monograms for wedding cakes. Times Roman is a popular choice for brides as a font monogram, as is hand script, calligraphy-style, and Sans Serif block letters. If you have a font that you particularly like, type all the letters you want in your monogram in uppercase and enlarge as desired. For most monogramming, two sizes will be required: one size for the bride and groom's first names and one slightly larger for the last name initial, to be placed in the middle. This, of course, can be changed as desired to make all letters the same height. These copied letters are then used as a template, with parchment paper placed on top and royal icing piped on top and set to dry until needed.

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Ribbons can be easily used to decorate a cake, and turn a very simple rolled fondant covered cake with no piping into a fantastical and elaborate cake. You are limited only by the fabric store you shop at. The ribbon used can be transparent, metallic lamé, satin, beaded, or embossed. The color choices need not be solids, as plaids, florals, scroll-work, stripes and other color patterns can be found.

If your baker, wedding planner or catering professional sketches on paper notes that you talk over about your cake, what better piece of memorabilia is there to add to your wedding scrapbook?

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Tiffany-style boxes are a fun choice for individual cakes for weddings. Or perhaps doing a three-tiered cake in a fun and colorful gift-boxed style? A popular choice for stacked multi-tiered cakes is to have alternating round and square boxes or to have each tier of different heights and shapes.

Right is an actual template for a groom's cake, obviously in the shape of Texas, an enlarged cut-out from an aerial map. State cakes are popular choices for grooms cakes, and if he was born out-of-country, the shape of his native country can be used. These are not limited to geography, as sports, hobbies, college colors and pennant flags can all influence the designs, shapes, and colors used on and for the cake.

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