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How to Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, and Fahrenheit to Celsius

by Renee Shelton

An important part of baking and candy making is starting off with the right temperature. Knowing how to do temperature conversions is very helpful when you are reading a recipe from a book printed in a different country. Baking and candy making use very precise measurements, and a couple of degrees off can mean the item being underbaked or boiled for too long. Here are basic steps to convert Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures.

Celsius to Fahrenheit:
Basic Formula (C*9)/5+32
= F

  • Take the Celsius temp and multiply by 9.
  • Take that number and divide by 5.
  • Add 32 to the answer and that is the temperature in Fahrenheit.

An example:
10 degrees C x 9 = 90
90 / 5 = 18
18 + 32 = 50
So, 10 degrees Celsius equals 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fahrenheit to Celsius:
Basic Formula (F - 32)*5/9 = C

  • Take the Fahrenheit temp and subtract 32.
  • Multiply that number by 5.
  • Divide that number by 9 to get the temperature in Celsius.

An example:
50 degrees Fahrenheit - 32 = 18
18 x 5 = 90
90 / 9 = 10
So, 50 degrees Fahrenheit equals 10 degrees Celsius.

This is simple algebra, so if you take the steps one at a time you'll have the right answer each time. Don't worry if you don't have an even number at the end. Round up or down to the closest degree.


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