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Italian buttercream. Pink meringue handle, spout and lid.
Buttercream base frosting and striping was tinted very pale ivory color.
Flowers and bottom border were done in
shades of pink, peach, and yellow.
Leaves were colored pale leaf-shade color.
Dotting on sides of cake were done in pink colors.
Ateco Tips used:
Meringue with Ateco #862, star.
Lines with Ateco #48 basketweave.
Flowers with Ateco Tips:
     Star tips including French, Open, Closed Star: #14, #18, #26, #31, #199.
     Cross Top #77.
     Centers for Flowers #2 round.
     Dotting on sides #7 round.
     Leaf, V-style #352.

Done for a birthday, adapted from picture of a magazine.

Copyright © 2004-2005 Renee Shelton