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Welcome to the Tea Parlour

Your Resource for Tea
Click below for Tea Menus, Recipes for Tea Sandwiches, Pastries and Cakes,
Books on Tea History, Etiquette and Teapots,
and Links to brush up on your knowledge.
Tea menus by Corporate Pastry Chef, Renee Shelton.

Outside Links for the History of Tea and Popular Suppliers

History of Tea

History of Tea, by country, with botanics info and grading
From Stash Tea, the history of Tea
Simple Time Line of Tea history
Tea Rituals with descriptions on menus
History of Tea from a UK site
History of Ceylon Tea
History of Darjeeling Tea

Popular Suppliers

Stash Tea
Republic of Tea
Harney & Sons
Celestial Seasonings
Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Tea
Bigelow Tea Company

Other Links

Ethical Tea Partnership





Tea Drinkers Rave Best Tea Ever Mighty Leaf Tea

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