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Pastry Tip Conversions:
Coverting Different Brands of Tips

By Renee Shelton

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Tip Conversions: Ateco Tips and Other Brands

If you're looking to replace your old, beat up tips with a different brand, here are some basic tip conversions for similar size and styles. This is not exhaustive, and does not include all the brands, sizes, and styles on the market today; they are conversions from my old pastry tips in my toolbox that I've matched with similar size/style of current line Ateco tips, or supplied via reader tip (thanks!!). If you know of a similar shape/size/style of other brands that match up to current Ateco tips, let me know and I'll add them, too. The conversions are in a table form below and include the brands Ateco, Magic Line, Wilton, and Maripol.

Brand or Descriptive
Tip Number
Tip Number

Style or Shape

Notes, Exceptions, Differences
Magic Tip FT Series 860 Series French/Fine Star Magic Tip is Magic Line Brand
Magic Tip 8FT 868 French/Fine Star Tip  
Magic Tip 5FT 865 French/Fine Star Tip  
Magic Tip 4FT 864 French/Fine Star Tip  
Magic Tip 3FT 863 French/Fine Star Tip  
Magic Tip 1FT 861 French/Fine Star Tip  
Magic Tip PT Series 800 Series Plain Round Magic Tip is Magic Line Brand
Magic Tip 9PT 809 Round/Plain Tip  
Magic Tip 8PT 808 Round/Plain Tip  
Magic Tip 7PT 807 Round/Plain Tip  
1. Magic Tip
2. Wilton
1. 6PT
2. 1A
806 Round/Plain Tip  
Magic Tip 5PT 805 Round/Plain Tip  
1. Magic Tip
2. Wilton
1. 4PT
2. 2A
804 Round/Plain Tip  
Magic Tip 3PT 803 Round/Plain Tip  
Magic Tip 2PT 802 Round/Plain Tip  
Magic Tip 0PT 800 Round/Plain Tip  
Magic Tip ST Series 820 Series Open Star Magic Tip is Magic Line Brand
Magic Tip 8ST 828 Open Star  
Magic Tip 6ST 826 Open Star  
Magic Tip 5ST 825 Open Star  
Magic Tip 4ST 824 Open Star  
Magic Tip 2ST 822 Open Star  
Wilton 2010 2010 Triple Star/Multi Opening  
Wilton 2 2 Round/Plain Tip  
Wilton 4 4 Round/Plain Tip  
Wilton 5 5 Round/Plain Tip  
Wilton 18 18 Open Star Wilton has 7 tines, Ateco has 8 tines
Wilton 352 352 V-Style Leaf Except that Ateco is slightly deeper
Wilton 104 104 Rose Tip  
Wilton 61 61 Fluted Petal  
Wilton 224 224 Drop Flower  
Wilton 233 133    
Wilton 131 131    
Wilton 80 80    
Wilton 32 32    
CN 417 070 Frilly Border  
Magic Tip 15 6 Round/Plain Tip  
Magic Tip 48 48 Basketweave  
Magic Tip 124 124 Large Rose Tip  
Magic Tip 126 126 Large Rose Tip  
Magic Tip 113 113 Large Regular Leaf  
Magic Tip 114 114 Large Regular Leaf  
Magic Tip 2B 895 Basketweave  
Ateco Old 'B' Series Tips 860 Series French/Fine Star

I contact August Thomsen, and found that these tips have been renamed, and are the same tips.
Conversion Example:
Ateco 1B = 861.

Ateco Old 'CS' 840 Series Closed Star Ateco 0 C.S. = 840, etc.
Ateco Old 'S' 820 Series Open Star Ateco 0 S = 820, etc.
Ateco Old 'P' 800 Series Plain, Round Ateco 0 P = 800, etc.


Conversions above are from one of these:

  • Based on matching up my old pastry tips and matching them up to current line tips.
  • Based on information supplied from readers: Thanks so much for sharing to help others! We ALL appreciate it.
  • Based on antique merchandise catalogs showing older, retired numbers in detail.

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