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Name: Fine Mesh Strainer - Chinois

  • Description: A chinois is a fine mesh strainer used to capture solids of a liquid, such as a sauce, flavored vinegar, a sorbet or ice cream base, custard mix, and more. When chinois strainers are used, the result is a very smooth liquid. It has a conical shape with a handle, and some models have protective wires around the end of the cone. The fine mesh of these strainers are typically made of stainless steel.

  • How to Use It: Liquid is poured into the cone and it is worked out through the end by using a ladel, spoon, or pestal, pressing on any solids to extract all the liquid.

  • Related to: A china cap.

Prickly pear sorbet base being strained through a chinois.

Image above: I used a chinois to strain a prickly pear and mango sorbet before processing.


Below is a video on how a chef uses a chinois to strain a butter sauce.


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