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Name: Revolving Cake Stand: Cast Iron Stand

  • Description: A turntable, or revolving cake stand, is a revolving stand with a flat working surface for decorating cakes and other pastry. It is also used in building cakes.
  • Dimensions: The item above is a cast iron base with durable powder coat finish. Top is 1/8" thick aluminum. 12" top. 5" H. (1) Non-Slip Pad included. Over 7 lbs.

  • How to Use It: The item to be decorated is placed on top. Then it can be turned, left or right, as needed to finish decorating the item. Cake turntables are used both in production of the pastry item and in finishing.


Below is a video on how a cake turntable (the revolving cake stand) is used in both production and in finishing and decorating.

The Art of Cake Decoration from Bittersweet Old Town on Vimeo.


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