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Making a Bulk Bid or Special Order

Open the order form by clicking on the bid and order form image at left. The .pdf file is fillable, making it easy to place a bid.

Visit any of the manufacturers' websites below, or flip through any of their current catalogs. Each link will open into a new browser window. Enter any product number onto the order form, and email it back to us for a price quote.

We'll respond via email with price and shipping times. Shipping times depend on product availability and manufacturer's lead time. Generally, all products are shipped within 3 days to two weeks once payment is received, depending on the company ordered from.

Minimum order amounts vary per manufacturer. Shipping is based on the amount of the order merchandise purchase. For orders under 100.00$, shipping is 10% of the order, and is reduced for larger orders. For example, an order with merchandise totalling 75.00$, the shipping will be 7.50. An order with the merchandise totalling 1,500.00$, the shipping would be 120.00$. International shipping can vary so please email us with your bid and let us quote you a price. Read our FAQ page for all current shipping & handling rates.

Most manufacturers do not list prices on their websites as prices are volatile and change seasonally or annually. When you fill out your bid, we will secure the best and current pricing for you. You'll essentially have us at your disposal as your personal purchasing department, acting as your personal shoppers. Manufacturer pricing is confidential and no price sheets can be made and sent out from any of the manufacturers. We are a retail company that can procure any of the items from these brands. The benefit is that some products may not be available in stores or on other sites.

Minimums will apply. If the minimum amount isn't reached, we'll let you know so you can add to the order or pool orders together. In most cases, once you have arrived here you are looking for specific equipment, or are wanting to browse to stock up, and attaining the minimums is not an issue.

Ateco (August Thomsen) is an industry-used brand for pastry tips, bags and spatulas. They have a wide selection of brushes and other useful pastry shop tools.
Minimum Order: $200.00 US
Bakery Crafts is an industry leader in cake decorating sets and picks. Their SPS system for cake plates makes creating a multi-tiered cake not only easy but sturdy.
Minimum Order: $200.00$ US
CK Products specializes in
the cake and confectionery business, and has their own line of chocolate & candy molds, and ingredients & colors.

Minimum Order: $200.00 US
Wilton is a brand well-known and can be found in many craft stores. They are known for their novelty pans and matching cake decorations. We'll give the best pricing for all Wilton products.
Minimum Order: $200.00 US
Matfer Bourgeat specializes in unique bakeware and proprietary cooking utensils. Their polycarbonate tips are a favorite among chocolatiers, and their cookware is highly regarded.
Minimum Order: $75.00 US
Paderno-World Cuisine has professional grade cookware and is a soure for beverage service supplies. They supply heavy-duty cooking utensils and specialize in their Dutch ovens.
Minimum Order: $75.00 US


Fat Daddio's is known for their annodized aluminum bakeware, including cake pans, cheesecake pans and other specialty pans. If pastry rings are needed, they have over 160 different shapes, sizes, diameters and widths to choose from. They now have a very large selection of sugar craft tools.
Minimum Order: $200.00 US
Parrish's Magic Line has their own brand of pastry tips, bags and flavorings. Magic Line bakeware is popular among bakers, along with their novelties.
Minimum Order: $200.00 US






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