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Pastry Sampler Bulk Ordering Directly Through The Vendors

Pastry Sampler Direct Orders & Bulk Orders

What are the advantages of this service?
We give our customers the choice of choosing their needed products, rather than hand-picking select inventory to place in our store. Virtually any product that our supplier group offers is available for you to purchase.

How did this service start?
This service was started with the enormous demand from our customers needing products that aren't offered on any retail website or brick-and-mortar store. While easy to procure from wholesalers, many retailers do not have the space or purchase power to stock every single item from every manufacturer they do business with. We have done custom orders for years to our bakery, pastry customers and catering professionals through, and have expanded it to chefs and home cooks through, making us the premier source for culinary tools and equipment custom orders.

What if I have a question about a product?
Since we already have a relationship with our suppliers, we can handle any question you have by getting the answer directly from the source. (Really.)

Why do you have minimums?
Simply put - to obtain the best pricing and service for you. If you need just one item, in most cases you can find it or one similar from another store. But they may or may not carry it in stock and items may not be the latest model. We offer to you the ability to purchase anything from the current or past catalogs of any of our supply lines, and product is only ordered from them when you place the order. If they have it, we can get it for you.

How can I find the prices?
Most manufacturers do not list prices on their websites as prices are volatile and change seasonally or as commodity markets adjust. When you fill out your bid, we will secure the best and current pricing for you. When available, links to our current prices for our suppliers will be supplied. If you have a current retail catalog, we go off the latest retail prices and have our own volume discounts. We also extend any manufacturer's sales, rebates, seasonal close-outs and discounts to you as well.

Where can I find out more information about a manufacturer?
On all of our supplier's pages, you will find links for direct access to the manufacturer's latest product lists. Or email us and we'll let you know what's cooking at each company.

How do I place an order?
Visit our order page, with easy step-by-step instructions on how to place an order. It's as easy as filling out a form and emailing to us.

Can I save a bid sheet for later use?
Certainly. Our bid sheets have a button to save for filling in later, to print out for a hard copy for mailing it in, or to email directly to us. All bid prices are good for 30 days after confirmation for your approval. Bid sheets are in a fillable .pdf format.

How can I find out if an item is out of stock?
Email us with any questions about a product. All our bid prices for orders are good for 30 days. Once you confirm an order, we will let you know if any of the stock items have changed once the order is placed. We do not backorder. Simply place another order later for out of stock items.

I'm from out of the US (or from Alaska, Hawaii, PR, a military base or another US territory) - Can I place an order?
Yes. We have happy customers from all over the world. Our no-fuss ordering makes it easy to make purchases no matter from where you reside. We accept international orders, from both continental US and all US territories, and welcome all customers from military bases. We treat all our non-continiguous US state residents the same as those from the 'lower 48' (OCONUS treated same as CONUS). International customers will need to email us, though, as the shipping is handled different than our current shopping cart pricing (no flat shipping fee on custom order bids).

What are the shipping charges?
All US orders will be charged a simple, flat percentage of the total merchandise order including any tax. For international orders, shipping is different. Please email us and we will give you the latest shipping international prices.

  • For your convenience: All orders ship now with flat shipping rate of 10% of the total order.

How will my order be shipped? When will I get my order?
Since we have many different customers with different shipping needs, including those worldwide, domestic PO boxes, military and those out of the continental US, the majority of our shipping will be handled by USPS which can accommodate everyone easily. Once payment is received by us, the order can be placed and is generally received by you between 3 and 10 business days later, depending on the manufacturer and their warehouse handling times, and where you live. Holidays and heavy seasonal periods may take a few days longer, but generally all custom orders are received within 2 to 3 weeks.

What if I have another question?
Email us! We pride ourselves in excellent customer service, with a very high retention rate for repeat customers. (Thank you!)




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