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Baking and Pastry Questions & Answers

Here are some pastry questions that some of you asked. Answers are followed with recipes, techniques, definitions, and/or suggestions. Where appropriate,  a reference has been listed so you can look it up in a book, magazine, encyclopedia, cookbook or another website for detailed information.

What is the difference between a pie and a tart? 

Is a beignet a fritter or a doughnut?

What are paramount crystals?

How long do Cannolis keep? And what are good fillings for them?

What are tuiles?

What's the purpose of using baking soda in some brittle recipes?

How do I get my cake tiers straight?

What flour should be used in making crêpes?

What are Madeleines?

What is cornflour and how can I substitute it?

What's in a buttercream?

What is Kadaife? 

I want to build a gingerbread house. What are some good resources? 

What is penuche or penuchi candy?

What exactly is a petit four?

Is there a way to turn a regular ice cream vegan?

How can I make candied orange rind? 

What are churros made of?

I saw "guimauve" on a menu. What is it?

What is in pastillage? 

What's a good recipe for pound cake?

What is canele? Is it a shape or a dessert or what is it? 

Is gingerbread a cookie or a cake or a bread?

What variety of apple is best for apple pie?

What is a good plain rice pudding recipe? 

Can I make puff pastry? 

Where are some sources to buy good chocolate? 

What is Kosher salt? 

Is dark brown sugar just darker sugar than light brown sugar?

Can I make fondant?

What is 10x?