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Petit Four/Cookie/Friandise/Mignardise/Confection


Index of Recipes for Industry Section

Notes on recipe ingredient shorthand,
some are obvious, others ambiguous and are clarified:

Gran--granulated sugar
10x--powdered sugar 10x fine
Whites--large egg whites
Yolks--large egg yolks
Flour AP--All Purpose flour
Butter--unsalted whole, do not use Plugra unless stated
Unless chocolate cocoa percentage is specified:
Dark Choc--dark chocolate, around 60%
Milk Choc--milk chocolate, around 40%
TT--to taste, or to suit your end product


These recipes are mostly quantity based, in weight measurements.
Some of the recipes found here have limited directions, so a professional
should know basic procedure methods for basic pastry
before using. All of these recipes have been tested:
some once, some several, some hundreds of times.

We hope you enjoy flipping through these, or copying them for
use in your kitchen. If you have one or several that you would
like to add, send them our way at
and we'll add your name as a credit.

Happy baking!


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