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Lady Finger/Biscuit a la Cuiller

Yolks     34
Gran      14 oz.
Whites    34
Gran      24 oz.
Flour AP  28 oz.

Whip yolks with sugar 1 until very light. Whites and sugar 2 until firm peaks. Sift flour. Transfer yolks to bowl. Add 1/2 whites; fold gently. Add flour, fold gently just combined. Add this to the remainder of whites. Note: mixture should stand up, be pipeable, should not be runny. Before baking dust with 10x sifted.

For decorative use: pipe using medium to large round tip (800 series) and pipe diagonally on parchment lined sheet pan. Dust with 10x. Bake done. When cool, cut in strips to be placed around pastry rings or nonette rings for mousse cakes.


Apricot Success (Biscuit)

10x        2# 3 oz.
Almond Pdr 2# 3 oz.
Flour      1# 1 oz.
Yolks      17
Whites     3# 2 oz.
Gran       1# 12 oz.
Apricot    2# 8 oz.
  dried, fine chopped.

Sift first three ingredients. Add a little of dry to apricots;t toss to coat to prevent lumping. Whites and sugar to firm meringue. Add in yolks. Next dry, last apricots. 400°F parchment; full sheet pans 2# 12 oz. each sheet yields 4 1/2 trays.


Biscuit Noix

Yolks           80g
Whites          30g
Honey           50g
Whites          150g
Gran            50g
Walnuts,        50g
  fine chop
Instant Coffee  10g
Flour AP        60g

Yolks, whites 1, honey: ribbon. Whites 2 and sugar: firm peaks. Nuts, coffee, flour: mix together. Yolks to flour then add in lightly the meringue.


Biscuit Noisette

Yolks        2# 4 oz.
Gran         1# 12 oz.
Flour        7 oz
Cornstarch   7 oz
Cocoa        7 oz.
Whites       2# 10 oz.
Gran         6 oz.
Butter,      14 oz.
  melted cool
Hazelnuts,   8 oz.
  roasted chopped

Yolks with sugar: ribbon. Flour, starch, cocoa: sift. Whites and sugar: firm peaks. Butter: melted and cooled. Hazelnuts: chopped fine. Small amount of yolks to butter. Fold flour to yolks. Then add meringue. Next butter mixture and last nuts. Mix will be slightly soft. Pipe as desired.


Biscuit Joconde

Eggs        80
Flour AP    1# 12 oz.
Almond Pdr  5# 8 oz.
Butter melt 1# 8 oz.
Whites      96
Gran        5# 8 oz.

Yields 19 sheets at 1# 8 oz. each.


Sponge Cake

Eggs       6 # 12 oz.
Sugar      4 1/2 #
Cake Flour 4 1/2 #
Butter,    1 1/2 #
Vanilla    1 1/2 oz.

Melt sugar with eggs over hot water bath. Transfer to large mixer and whip high until very light. Fold in flour, last butter and vanilla.


Pound Cake
This recipe is adapted from Professional Baking.

Butter      2 lbs.         100%
Sugar       2 lbs.         100%
Vanilla     4 tsp.           2%
Eggs        2 lbs.         100%
Cake Flour  2 lbs.         100%
            -----          ---
            8 lbs. yield   402%

Cream the butter and sugar together well. Add in about half of the eggs, one at a time, then add in about a third of the flour. Add in the rest of the eggs and then the flour, scraping well with each addition.


Inverse Puff Dough
Makes 2 Patons.

Flour AP        2# 10 oz.     Mix together.              
Plugra Butter   6# 12 oz.     Divide in half.
  (no substitutions)                  Chill.

Flour Bread     6# 8 oz.      Mix until
Salt            2 oz.         forms ball.
Water           40 oz.        Do not
Vinegar         1/2 oz.       Overmix.
Melted Butter   2 #           Divide in half.

Place butter mixture on the outside, bread flour mixture on the inside. Seal edges and chill well. Roll out into long rectangle, a sheeter will be necessary to assist you. You need to do 3 times of double turns.

Chill well after each turn before completing next. After the double turns are completed, roll out and fold in half. Ready for use or for the freezer.






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