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Chocolate Passion Mousse

Cream              1 qt.
Passion fruit Pulp  3 # 3 oz.
Butter             1/2 #
Dark Choc          4 #
Milk Choc          2 #
Yolks              1 # 4 oz.
Sugar              1 # 6 oz.
Cream              4 qt.

Bring to boil: cream, pulp, butter. Pour this over chocolate pistoles, or chopped chocolates, stir to smooth. Whip yolks light while heating sugar (with water just to make liquid) to 130°C. Pour into yolk for pate bombe; whip to peaks. Whip cream to soft peak. Fold ganache to cooked yolks, last fold in whipped cream.


Clafouti Mix

Yolks 20
Sugar 1 # 13 oz.
Salt  1/2 t.
Flour 9 1/2 oz.
Milk  2 1/2 qt.


Lemon Chibouste

Cream            14 oz.
Lemon Juice      4 oz.
  fresh squeezed
Yolks            5
Sugar            1 oz.
Elsay            1 1/2 oz.
Gelatin Sheets   3
Whites           5
Sugar            1 oz.
Sugar            3 oz.
Glucose          1 oz.
Water            2 oz.

Pastry cream: Heat cream and juice separately to boiling. Temper juice to yolks, add in hot cream to this. Doing this will prevent from separating; lemon juice and cream don't like each other. Finish cooking pastry cream. Add in softened gelatin sheets. Cool.

Italian meringue: Beat whites with sugar 2 to peaks while heating sugar 3, glucose and water to 120°C. Add in stream to whites peaked, beat until cooled.

Fold in pastry cream to meringue. Use as required.

Note: Substitute all other citrus as desired for lemon: mandarin, orange, grapefruit, etc. Also, this recipe contains a pastry cream that tends to separate.


Italian Buttercream

Sugar            6 # 9 oz.
Whites           2 1/2 qts.
Sugar            3 # 3 oz.
Butter,          17 #
  unsalted soft

Heat sugar and water to 121°C. Add this to meringue that has been beaten to stiff peaks with sugar. Add in butter, in chunks. Note: if pastry kitchen is very warm, use slightly cooler butter; if meringue is very cold before adding butter or if butter has not incorporated into meringue (large cold chunks still in buttercream) use a hand torch around stainless steel bowl to help melt product. Of course, only use torch as directed by manufacturer.


Strawberry Mousse

Berry Puree     1000 g
Sugar             60 g
Cream            600 g
Gelatin Sheets    30 g

Soften gelatin in water. Place in double boiler with about 1/3 of the puree. Add to melt. Add sugar to rest of puree, bring to 10°C. Add in puree/gelatin mix. Fold in cream that has been whipped.





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