Macaron Recipe


This is a simple recipe for macarons, those favorite French cookies my kids love to call ‘mini cookie burgers.’

Two methods for baking them are below. While it calls for almond flour, other nuts could be used. Hazelnut flour (filbert nuts) can easily be substituted in place of the almonds. Be sure to remove their skins before grinding. If using raw pistachio flour, they will result in much softer, more delicate macarons. See the note below on coloring them.

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All About the 10x Grind and Chocolate Espresso Snowcap Cookies

What is 10x (or 6x for that matter)? It is a particular grind for powdered sugar, which typically is mixed with an anti-caking agent, such as a starch. Powdered sugar is also called confectioner’s sugar or icing sugar, and is used for quick mixing buttercream and icing recipes, and for sprinkling and decorating desserts.

Read more about the differences between powdered sugar and superfine sugar, and try the recipe below using powdered sugar as a cooking coating.

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