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Cake Decorating

Articles, Tools, Guides, & Resources for Cake Decorating


Buttercream, cake, spatula, presentation base. No matter the occasion, the ingredients are the same. Cake decorating begins with the cake itself and the tools with which to decorate it.

Here are helpful guides for all kinds of cake decorating: birthday cakes, wedding cakes, special occasion cakes and holiday cakes.

Cake Decorating Basics
Building the Cake: Tips and Guidelines for the Decorator
Designing the Cake: Tips for the Bride from a Baker.
Pastry Tip Conversions Chart
All About Buttercream (Types, Recipes)
Can I Make Fondant?
Cake Decorating How To's, Guides, Ideas
How to Make Sugar Diamonds
How to Use a Bead Maker Mold
Lattice-Style Basketweave Design
Royal Icing Lattice For Column Coverings
Tip Decorating Ideas for Pastry Tips
Pastillage Curly-ques
Halloween Cakes - Ideas & Pictures
Anniversary Cake Design Theme Ideas
Creating a Design From a Fabric Swatch
Heart-shaped cake
Fitting a Rhinestone Strip Onto a Border
Uniform Braids for Borders
Cake Decorating Recipes
Index of Cake Recipes
Index of Buttercream, Frosting & Icing Recipes


Most Read Pages for Pastry and Cake

The Many Faces of Buttercream
Gingerbread House Resource Listing
All About Cannolis
Beignets, Doughnuts and Fritters
How to Make Crepes and Tips for Successful Crepes
Tuiles, Wafers and Other Thin Cookies
Pastillage Recipes
Fondant Recipes
Puff Pastry Turning Diagrams
Pie, Croustade and Tart Dictionary
Tip Conversions: Matching Ateco Tips to Other Brands for Easy Replacing
Sugar Stages
Temperature Conversions
General Oven Chart
Measures, Equivalents and Substitutions
Conversion to Metric
Metric Units of Measure
Conversion to US
Equivalency & Common Measures
Ice Cream Scoop Measures
General Can Sizing

New Items, Hot Items & Everything in Between
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